Chef’s Log 5: A Whole New World (Of Meat)

Bay-con Heaven?

So I decided (Well ‘decided’ is used loosely here; spent hours convincing my superiors is more like it) that some degree of travelling would be necessary in order to fully appreciate the culinary range of this side of the country. ‘Country’: what is that anyway? We have no official borders where I come from.  Then again, barring a few minor details, (I’d like to think my eyes are a brighter shade of violet than most) all Gastronomicans look exactly the same, which definitely cannot be said about this planet. An evolutionary mishap, if you ask me. Anyway, I found myself at the heart of the land known as ‘Bangalore’ where I happened upon a pub called Peco’s and treated myself to quite a feast.  Not only did their wide array of meat dishes impress me, but I was absolutely delighted to find an entire section of just Bay-con!  I, of course, indulged myself and tried the Chilli Bacon. It was not as crispy as I usually prefer, (As you may have guessed, I have been eating a lot of this meat) but it was, nonetheless, delicious – an agreeable combination of tanginess and piquancy, with just the right hit of chilli. And the caramelized onions added a lovely sweetness.

I also tried the beef tacos and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. A crunchy shell simply overflowing with luscious meat. What more could one ask for? The flavours were strong in themselves- the spiciness of the gravy, the soft meatiness of the mince, the crunch of the taco shell- but they balanced each other out perfectly. Beef might just give Bay-con some competition as far as my favourite meat is concerned.  I think I now understand why the humans on this side of the planet worship the ‘cow’ beast.

Quite a steal at Rs 135



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