Chef’s Log 7: All that Jazz


Cheesy, beefy and yummy

I must say, I do love my job.  It is particularly intriguing to see the strange and unexpected innovations on the part of the local chefs.  I am ashamed to admit that I (Lauded for my creative cooking on several occasions back home) never once considered the combination of beef and cheese.  What a splendid revelation! It’s called ‘lasagne’ and it tastes fabulous. At least the one at ‘Shisha’ does.  Layer upon layer of juicy beef slathered onto soft chewy pasta, topped with oodles of gooey cheese –it simply melts in your mouth. I have a feeling that it’s full of that strange substance the humans are constantly complaining about: ‘cholesterol’. I don’t quite understand what the problem is. Clearly, this cholesterol is delicious and found in only the best food. But back to the lasagne. The sweet tanginess of the beef is offset by the saltiness of the cheese and that sudden burst of spice when you bite into the occasional peppercorn gives it the perfect balance. I would say that combining a dairy product with beef is making the best use of the cow animal. Congratulations humans, for this brilliant discovery.  An interesting variation of the lasagne and an equally scrumptious dish is the Moussaka.
One other thing that impressed me about this place, besides the beautiful ambience and the excellent music (Shisha is known as a jazz hub of sorts), is a delightfully refreshing beverage they call ‘Sekanjabin’. A tasty blend of honey and mint, it is a great accompaniment to any meal, although some might find it a bit too sweet.
Sadly, a little bird told me (The birds on this planet are very friendly) that the area known as ABC Farms is soon  to be demolished and replaced by some sort of multiplex or office building structure. So hurry foodies, and visit this lovely place before it’s too late.




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