Chef’s Log 10: Gobble, gobble

Sometimes these Earthlings aggravate me with their odd obsession with categorizing. Everything must have some sort of theme or motif. Why, the restaurant I visited the other day had the word ‘Theme’ in the title itself- ‘Arthur’s Theme’. I was rather excited, as I have done a bit of research concerning the history of this planet, and the time in which King Arthur lived was a thrilling one indeed. So you can imagine my disappointment when I went to this so-called Arthur’s Theme and found no trace whatsoever of any knights, kings or horses. And I was so looking forward to tasting dragon meat. Ah well, at least the food did not disappoint.  I ordered the turkey with cranberry sauce and potato puree. It was quite delicious. The turkey was cooked perfectly; soft and as juicy as turkey can get. That thick, tart cranberry sauce really stole the show, while the smooth potato puree added the right touch of creaminess. I only wish it came with some vegetables, as that would have balanced out the meal perfectly. This place also has a great selection of desserts. Almost good enough to make up for its deceitful name.


Turkey with Cranberry Sauce

Definitely worth a try for anyone that loves continental food:


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