Chef’s Log 11: Slide Into Happiness

Ahh Pork

Ahh Pork

Is there nothing better than a warm afternoon spent in a lovely rambling bungalow enjoying a delicious meal? Well, on my planet there is. It’s called a Brainbungler, and once you pop it in your mouth, it gives you the most beautiful, colourful, visions, lasting for what is an entire year in human time. Sadly, I have learnt that these sorts of objects are referred to as ‘drugs’ on this planet and are generally frowned upon for some reason.  So I guess warm afternoons and scrumptious meals will have to be my only source of stimulation for now.  And this meal was certainly exceptional: ‘Pulled pork sliders’. Showing great innovation, the chefs chose the local Goan ‘pao’ as the base for these sliders. And a wise choice it was, as it turned out to have the perfect texture and consistency to soak in that delicious pork gravy. Ahh the pork: Juicy and slathered in a tangy barbecue sauce- it simply melted on my tongue. The pickles added a fresh tartness to it, while the caramelized onions gave it a nice hint of sweetness. None of the flavours overpowered the taste of the hero of the dish- the pork. Fascinating invention, these ‘sliders’. They were just the right size: not too small, but not too heavy either. Oh yes, and this place has a great lemonade as well- an excellent accompaniment to this dish.
What really struck me about the place, however, was the setting. It is part of a beautiful old Portuguese house, which is also a museum. Shady and cool, with trees, quaint furniture and a little courtyard at the centre, it has a nice bistro feel to it. Incidentally, I discovered that this place was set up by the one who originated that out-of-this-world (really, I still cannot believe it came from this planet) red velvet cupcake [See post 3]. So all you cupcake loyalists, do give this lovely place a try.


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