Chef’s Log 13: Glutton for Mutton


Some of the softest meat I have ever sampled

It turns out I have done myself a great disservice. I have been on this side of the planet for a significant amount of time now; I believe the equivalent of 6 months on Earth is three times that amount of time on Gastronomica. I am of course, not implying that the reason for this is that we process information and events in a far faster and more advanced manner than those on Earth. Although that would not be a completely inaccurate assumption (Do note: I did not make any real assertions so I would appreciate it if certain humans restrain from sending me yet another unnecessarily aggressive letter). Anyway, the point is that despite being here for some time I have neglected to sample what has to be some of the best representations of local cuisine so far. I believe this sort of food is of the ‘Mugh-lai’ persuasion. I’m not very sure what it means, but whatever ‘Mugh-lai’ may be, the food associated with it is simply exquisite. I had the ‘Barra Chaap’ which apparently is the title given to a scrumptious, succulent piece of meat which literally melts in your mouth. I was mistaken when I thought those strange sounding horned creatures were called ‘goat’. Apparently they are referred to as ‘mutton’ and are delicious! The meat was so soft that it just slid off the bone. Served with a somewhat spicy, tangy substance called ‘chutney’ (which enhanced the taste perfectly), the mutton was charred just the right amount to give it that lovely burnt flavour and the delicate balance of spices (especially the cinnamon) was stunning. If ever there was a piece of meat that could change your life, this one would be it. I also tried the ‘Methi Gosht’, which had a great hit of chilly and a beautiful, thick consistency. And it was accompanied by the most fascinating representation of bread I have ever encountered- a ‘paratha’. I have to admit, eating with your hands does have a certain charm and convenience. The ways of these ‘Indians’ are wise indeed. Perhaps I should attempt that form of exercise they call Yo-ga; I’m afraid I’m getting rather large even for a Gastronomican. Those of you who wish to sample some excellent examples of Indian food, head over to Kareem’s- a restaurant which somehow skillfully manages to have both, a grand as well as a homely feel at the same time.


Methi Gosht with Paratha


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