Chef’s Log 14: Rock and (Beef) Roll


Scandinavian Beef Rolls

Salutations, my homies from another home (I have been assured that this is an authentic and appropriate term of endearment). I realize that I have not posted anything for a fairly long time, and for this, I apologize. What else can I say but so much food, so little time. It’s a big planet. And with the kind of food available, I’m surprised it has not been renamed Planet Girth. But I digress, for I wish to speak about a fascinating dish I came across the other day- Scandinavian Beef Rolls. Succulent beef wrapped in smoky bacon covered in a creamy, tangy sauce- the very concept literally blew my mind (yes, our brains literally explode a little bit when over-stimulated- quite a bit more exciting than a human brain, I’d imagine). The beef was soft and juicy, the bacon salty, but not overpowering, and the entire thing was slathered in a generous amount of what appeared to be a variant of tartar sauce. The sheer complexity of the dish delighted me. The various textures- the soft meatiness of the beef, the chewy bacon, the thick, creamy sauce which also had a slight crunch to it- all blended together beautifully. The dish was also infused with some poignant but delicate flavours, primarily oregano and butter-which was abundant in the delicious baby potato accompaniment. The veggies added the ideal amount of freshness and extra crunch. All around, it was an exquisite meal. My compliments to the chef at ‘Zamu’s’. I was also greatly impressed with their grilled lambchops- incredibly tender pieces of meat charred to perfection, served with a tart dip comprised of chilly, vinegar and honey. Simply divine, if you ask me. I would advise all those who consider themselves fans of food to visit this place at the earliest.


Lamb(of god) Chops



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