Chef’s Log 21: Sell Your Soul for this Salad

This has to be worth at least one human soul. It tastes like Heaven

This has to be worth at least one human soul. It tastes like Heaven

Agonizing over how to spend your Sunday? Worry not, citizens of Earth; for I am here to solve all your many inconsequential problems. Disclaimer: only the inconsequential problems. Unlike what is optimistically depicted in your various forms of fiction, most aliens are not superpower-wielding do-gooders with an overwhelming passion for justice and embarrassing fashion choices. But I digress. I have found a wonderful place in that charming locale of Pune- Koregaon Park, which has simply captured my hearts- both of them. This place, titled ‘Terttulia’, is classy, warm and elegant, with a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and exquisite food. It is the ideal place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I began my meal with the strangely labelled but delicious snack, the ‘Karari Roti’. I can only assume that ‘karari’ is the sound that is made when one bites into it, as it is very crunchy. It is also drizzled with a generous amount of butter (which we all know is one of the best things to have ever been invented on this planet), flavoured with a combination of tangy Indian spices and sprinkled with herbs which provide a burst of freshness.  And yet, this was not even the most inventive thing that I ate. I ate something which forever altered my understanding of the word ‘salad’.  This salad contained (along with the usual salad staples such as ice lettuce) lime braised melon- musk melon as well as watermelon, crust peanut frittle- which

Spaghetti aglio e olio accompanied with a side of steak strips

Spaghetti aglio e olio accompanied with a side of steak strips

seems to be a variation of sweet, crunchy praline, peanuts, chicken and bacon. At first glance it might seem an odd combination of disparate things, but the flavours blended beautifully, held together by an excellent dressing. The sheer complexity of the dish- its numerous elements and contrasting tastes both perplexed and delighted my palate, making it by far the most interesting meal I have had yet. I also sampled the spaghetti aglio e olio with spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and olives. Compared to the previous dish, the flavours were simple, but classic, and it was no less delicious. Terttulia’s steak strips also make for an excellent side dish (Although, I’m not certain, is it unusual for me to consider strips of meat a side dish?). They also have an excellent all-day breakfast menu, and a beautiful selection of desserts. I believe it would be a grave sin for anyone passing through this area to not stop at this marvellous place.

Karari Roti

Karari Roti


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