Chef’s Log 22: Chicken Droolade

So pretty

So pretty

Personally, I believe that when it comes to food, presentation is very important. A dish is only as appetizing as it looks. Of course, there are exceptions. For instance, on my home planet, one cannot glance directly at the four-eyed toadrat (even when cooked) without their eyeballs temporarily freezing over. And yet, it’s absolutely delicious (and completely worth it). Most of the time however, the presentation of a dish comes second only to its taste. Which is why I was so impressed by ‘The Flour Works’-a restaurant located in the sub-area of Pune titled ‘Kalyani Nagar’. The food at this place pleases two senses- taste as well as sight. Their chicken roulade stuffed with mushrooms and blue cheese was scrumptious. The chicken was soft and juicy, enhanced with a very subtle cheese flavour and coated in a thick, spicy salsa-like sauce. The elements of the dish were as perfectly balanced as they were arranged on the plate. The mashed potatoes were soft and creamy and effectively cut off the spiciness of the chicken, while the broccoli provided a much-needed crunchy freshness to counter the rich flavours of the rest of the dish. Although the prices at the restaurant are a little on the steep side, the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Their beef salad is also excellent. Any human who likes to refer to themselves as a ‘foodie’ should definitely sample the food at this place.


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