Chef’s Log 28: Raining Food (From a Macerated Sky)


Balsamic Chicken with herbed rice and parsley butter

Being the most excellent food explorer that I am, I have yet again made a very promising discovery. Perhaps I should start carrying a whip around so that I may be likened to that great explorer of human myth, Indiana Jones. I would very much like for my culinary exploits to be dramatically narrated across many generations on this planet. But I digress. The restaurant of which I speak is located in that vast, seemingly infinite expanse of Pune which the locals term ‘Baner’. The name-‘April Rain’- I found rather odd, for as far as I can tell, the monsoons here generally begin only in June. Nevertheless, one cannot judge a restaurant by its name (If that is not a proverb, it should be). I sampled their homemade nachos with refried beans, which as far as I’m concerned, were unnecessarily spicy. There was also a prominent lack of sour cream, and as I have long-since discovered, a dish of nachos (and life, in general) is simply pointless without sour cream. I was beginning to lose faith, when the main course arrived and with it, a renewed respect for the chefs. The balsamic chicken, which was served with herbed rice, espagnole (I confess, I never did find out what that is) and parsley butter was simply delectable. The chicken was moist and succulent, and the rich sweetness of the butter combined with the tartness of the sauce beautifully. Overall, it was a highly satisfying dish. April Rain also has an excellent molten choco lava cake. I would say it is definitely a place worth exploring.


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