Chef’s Log 29: Mezzunaice!


Brick Grilled Citrus Rubbed Chicken

The other day I came by a charming place in Pune by the name of ‘Mezzuna’. I have often said that I find the tendency of Earth restaurants to stick to a certain theme rather endearing, but as a food critic (and chef), I always appreciate a place which can provide an extensive and varied menu. This is one of those places. Mezzuna manages to be both cozy and luxurious at the same time- probably an ideal location for that strange, pre-mating ritual the humans are constantly putting themselves through…what is it called again? Oh yes, ‘date’ is the term I believe. Anyway, their brick grilled citrus rubbed chicken is fairly impressive- roasted to smoky perfection and infused with a subtle lemon flavour. However what completely blew my mind was the dessert I sampled. The ‘Banoffee Coconut Pie’ as it was called, is one of the most intriguing dishes I have come across yet. It was creamy, crunchy and crumbly all at once. The combination of banana, cream and coconut is offset by the addition of completely unexpected elements, such as saunf (a.k.a. fennel). The whimsical medley of tastes and textures makes for a chaotic epiphany, with all the ingredients surprisingly harmonizing perfectly. It feels much like a marathon in your mouth, with the various flavours constantly competing and trying to outdo each other. Truly a fun dessert if ever there was one. If you’re one of those people who enjoys having their tastebuds both teased and pleased, then this is the place for you.


Banoffee Coconut Pie


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