Chef’s Log 30: Chinese New Year

Pork ribs in honey soya sauce

Pork ribs in honey soya sauce

Apologies for my long absence. I was stricken with something which I’m sure many humans can sympathize with- food poisoning.  It is merely one of the many hazards that’s part and parcel of this job I suppose. For those of you who are curious, Gastronomicans do possess a far more advanced immune system than humans; this however, does not mean that we are completely invulnerable to the many diseases found on Earth (as I so painfully found out). I also hope to incite bonus sympathy by reminding everyone that unlike humans, I have more than one stomach- three in fact, which means three times the misery. Nonetheless, I prefer to focus on the more positive food experiences I have on this planet.  And I have yet to mention a lovely restaurant which I came across before my stomachs were temporarily out of commission. The appropriately named ‘Chinese Room’ is located in that charming old district of Pune popularly known as ‘Camp’. In my time here, I have sampled much Chinese food and I can confidently say that this was some of the best that I have tasted.  I tried their Rice Noodles, which were wonderfully soft and not at all rubbery, like so many noodle dishes are, and their Chicken Supreme- juicy chicken drowning in a savoury oyster sauce flavoured with a light combination of chilly and garlic. I also tried their Crispy Honey Spare Ribs.

Rice Noodles and Chicken Supreme

Rice Noodles and Chicken Supreme

I have to say, they were not as crispy as I would have liked, but they were absolutely delicious nonetheless. Succulent pork drizzled with one of the most scrumptious sauces I have ever come across- sweet and tangy, spicy and tart all at once- a sauce worthy of an award if there ever was one. Their sizzling brownie dessert is excellent as well. Another thing that absolutely delighted me (it delighted me so much, I actually considered dedicating an entire blog post to it) was their innovative use of a vegetable which I used to think would go extinct soon- the cabbage. ‘Kimchi’ as the dish is called has cabbage as its base and yet, is delicious. It simply blew my mind. Perhaps the Chinese have made advances in the field of wizardry which the rest of the world is ignorant of. I would say it’s a perfectly plausible explanation for a lot of things. Anyway, for those of you who are fans of Chinese food (and the wizardry involved) this is the place for you.

Delicious Kimchi and pickled veggies

Delicious Kimchi and pickled veggies

Oh, yes, and happy new year! I fail to understand why the mere passing of time is cause for celebration, but I try not to judge.


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