Chef’s Log 32: Paratha Paradise


It was so inviting, I couldn’t resist sampling it before I took a picture

I am of the belief that food tastes even better when you get your money’s worth. Nandu’s Paratha is one of those rare restaurants that greatly pleases both, your tastebuds and your wallet. Located on Dhole Patil road, one of Pune’s foremost food hubs, this place specializes in what is surprisingly one of the most delightful and versatile dishes of all time- the ‘Paratha’. The humans at Nandu’s have turned making parathas into a veritable art form- they provide an exciting array of flavoured parathas, ranging from pizza to chocolate. I sampled what is apparently the classic ‘alu paratha’. It was a delicious, sinfully rich, deep fried, buttery treat. It consists of soft, almost gooey potatoes cradled in a crisp, perfectly browned paratha. The dollop of butter on top adds an extra layer of rich flavour. Served piping hot, this concoction literally melts in your mouth from the very first tantalising bite. Nandu’s also has an excellent selection of beverages- the milk based ones are particularly delectable. The ‘strawberry lassi’ is, what is that odd Earth expression? Yes, it is ‘to die for’ (Although let me just point out, even Gastronomicans would not consider killing themselves over food). So for those of you on a budget, and for those of you who appreciate good food, this is the place to visit.         



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