Chef’s Log 41: Something Fishy

Fish 94

Fish 94

I thought coming back to Pune meant a sad end to my recent fish streak. I have often complained about the troubling lack of decent seafood (especially Konkan) restaurants in this part of the country. However, it appears my complaints have been heard. For there now exists in Pune a place to make all one’s fish dreams come true. The aptly named ‘FishLand’ serves a wide variety of the choicest seafood- everything from clams to crabs (along with a few equally commendable non-seafood dishes), all prepared with distinctive Manglorian flavours. Since this marked my first review since Calcutta, I thought I might as well indulge myself. And so I was treated to a feast fit for a Gastronomican. The ‘Fish 94’ was absolutely delicious- delightfully crunchy and covered in a delectable, sticky-sweet masala. The ‘Chilly Chicken’ had a rather unique taste, unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before- it pulsed with a very strong, yet not overpowering green chilly flavour. I also tried the ‘Pomfret Curry’ with the ‘Surmai Tava Fry’. In both dishes the fish was absolutely fresh, juicy and succulent. Both had a slight kick of spice which added to the overall flavour without overwhelming the tastebuds. I also sampled the Neer Dosa- another unique offering. It comprises a very soft, somewhat gelatinous dosa which acts as an accompaniment to the curry. The ‘Solkhadi’ was also absolutely excellent. All in all, it was a truly satisfying meal. I’m told that this place has only just recently opened. Located in that strange area of Pune known as Bavdhan, it is ideal for satisfying any seafood cravings.

Pomfret Curry

Pomfret Curry

Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa


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