Chef’s Log 42: Sand and Seafood

Chonak rava masala fry

Chonak rava masala fry

My fabulous fish fiesta continues. Final stop: Goa. A most fascinating and endearing concept unique to Goa is the odd constructions found littering virtually every beach. These ubiquitous constructions, known as ‘shacks,’ tend to contain a distinct lack of walls, making them relatively useless as modes of shelter. I suppose they do provide some shade from the sweltering heat so they’re not completely useless. What they definitely do provide, however, is some surprisingly delicious food. The ‘Sand and Sea’ shack at Bambolim is a particularly charming example of such a place. They serve an excellent Chonak fry (a dish which is quickly becoming one of my favourites) – you have the choice between rava fry or masala fry. I of course, chose the rava masala fry.

Pork chilly fry

Pork chilly fry

The fish was absolutely fresh and delightfully crispy, the masala piquant, tangy and zesty, with a hint of sweetness. Also phenomenal is their pork chilly fry. It consists of pieces of Goan sausage or Choris, fried with onions, chillies and other assorted ingredients. Simply spectacular. Almost as pleasing as the food is the tranquil view of the beach afforded by the shack’s lack of walls. I suppose the openness has its advantages after all. I have a particular fondness for quaint, out of the way restaurants which serve exquisite food. Sand and Sea is certainly one of those. When it comes to local cuisine, they definitely know what they’re doing. This place, for me, is the perfect representation of Earth’s most fleeting season, Summer.


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