Chef’s Log 43: Pro-Fusion of Flavours

Chicken stuffed with Goan Chorizo

Chicken stuffed with Goan Chorizo

Fusion cuisine is always risky. One tiny hint of the wrong flavour and the whole dish is a disaster. On the other hand, if you get it right, it can be simply magical. The chefs at The Black Sheep Bistro in Panjim are certifiable magicians. I tried the Chicken stuffed with Goan Chorizo. Unlike the previous samples of Goan sausage that I have tasted, the stuffing here was not overwhelmingly spicy, but retained its delightful zesty essence. The juicy, succulent chicken and the grainy minced sausage made for an interesting combination of textures while the savoury and spicy flavours balanced each other out beautifully. The accompanying sweet potato mash complemented the whole thing perfectly and was delicious in itself. I also sampled the veg risotto, which was equally scrumptious. The tangy taste of the mushrooms interacted with the delicately flavoured herbs and the starchy rice to create something which was both complex and delicious. My favourite dish of the night however, was dessert. The deconstructed mango cheesecake was absolutely marvellous. The base was syrupy and slightly crunchy, while the mousse was airy and light yet rich and creamy at the same time. The mint flavour provided a delightful freshness, while a subtle hint of lemon added just the right zing. A truly classy dessert, if I ever encountered one. It was, all in all, a satisfying meal to say the very least. If you’re looking for something to eat that is not just tasty, but a work of art (experimental art), this is definitely the place to go.

Veg Risotto

Veg Risotto

Deconstructed mango Cheesecake

Deconstructed mango Cheesecake


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