Chef’s Log 48: Christmas (at) Nostalgia

I must admit, I enjoy this strange festival that the humans celebrate every year. I am yet to fully comprehend the exact purpose it serves, although it does appear to pose as an excuse for humans to gorge on goodies excessively- something that I obviously approve of. The various decorations and ornaments are quite delightful. And when a restaurant is able to truly embrace the festive spirit, it surely deserves to be commended. One such restaurant is Nostalgia. This quaint little restaurant is located in a fairly remote corner of the globe- Raia, Goa. It is known for its spectacular Goan food, but its charming, homely ambience deserves merit as well. Set in a traditional Goan house, the restaurant is filled with various knick-knacks, which lend it a quaint, whimsical air. The food of course, is more than satisfactory, but given its fascinating decor and its splendid Christmas theme, I felt it best to capture the essence of Nostalgia through photographs.


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