Chef’s Log 49: Creptacular

Red velvet crepes with mascarpone

Red velvet crepes with mascarpone

I admit, when I first arrived on this planet I was skeptical. How could a place which does not even consider culinary science a compulsory topic of study have anything decent to offer in terms of food? Little humans are encouraged to pursue topics as trivial as anatomy and social science. And a word of advice, if you are one of those trying to understand the inner workings of the human mind (‘psychology’ I believe is the term), I suggest you cast aside any optimistic ideas you might have. The human mind is nothing more than a rather simplistic, often faulty, mechanism, believe me. But we’ll save my shattering all your delusions of grandeur for another day. The point I want to make, is that I am officially impressed. Humans have a far better understanding of food than I could have imagined. And one restaurant that has reinforced this opinion is ‘Wholly Crepes,’ located in Model Colony,Pune. I’m not quite certain what to make of the name, but I rather like it- it has an air of wit and whimsy about it. And that about describes the place as well. I believe the perfect word to sum up its charming décor, warm ambience and general atmosphere would be ‘cute’. What of the food, you ask? Well, as the name would suggest, this place specializes in crepes. And when I say ‘specializes’ I mean that they really know what they’re doing. I sampled the ‘Trinite’ crepe. It contained spinach, mushrooms, cheese and grilled herbed chicken. The crepe itself was soft,

Poached pear and goat cheese salad

Poached pear and goat cheese salad

light and beautifully seasoned, while the filling was fresh and packed full of flavor. Overall, it was absolutely delicious. I also tried the poached pear and goat cheese salad and in short, I was blown away. It contained walnuts and had a red wine and cinnamon glaze. The striking contrast between the sweetness of the pears, the saltiness of the cheese and the crunchy nuts made for an exceptionally interesting dining experience. The dish was accented by some highly complex, sophisticated flavours. For dessert, I had the red velvet crepe with mascarpone and chocolate sauce, which was interesting as well. More than anything else, I was impressed with the innovation and the utterly brilliant ingredient combinations. In fact, I think I just might have a new favourite type of food-crepes.

Trinite Crepe

Trinite Crepe



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