Chef’s Log 50: Food Haikus

I found myself inspired by this absolutely charming and quaint Japanese form of poetry. I thought I should try my hand at capturing eternal wisdom within 17 syllables. And so, I present my food haikus:

Why, is my question,
Is not all the food here fried,
When it tastes so good?

Cry not, if you’re sad.
For many tears are dried,
With a good dessert.

Perhaps all you need,
The answer to everything,
Is inside your fridge.

It is not easy,
To be completely at peace.
Now, go drink some tea.

True happiness, yes.
It is possible to find.
If you look in food.

Wars fought, lives wasted,
When so much joy can be found
In just one donut.

Do not risk your life,
Taste indeed does matter, but,
Veggies taste good too.

Even he who has
A tongue of iron and steel
Cannot eat radish.

Nothing can compare,
To the rich and striking scent
Of frying bacon.


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