Chef’s Log 55: Konkan Impressed

Bhangda Fry

Bhangda Fry

Humans are such strange creatures. They pierce themselves and make lasting holes in their bodies. They create permanent wounds using ink. And they have the gall to call it ‘art’! Luckily, these puzzling tendencies do not reflect on their food. If this ever-perplexing race has anything that represents a saving grace, it is what they eat. A good example of this is the restaurant ‘Konkan Express.’ First and foremost, it is exactly what the name promises. The food is authentic; the service, quick. I tried the Bhangda Fry and the Mutton Kolhapuri with Jawar Bhakari. The fish was fresh, beautifully seasoned, and crisped to perfection. The mutton lived up to its name— it was fiery without being overwhelmingly so, and packed with full-bodied flavour. And the Bhakari, with its thick texture and earthy taste was the perfect foil for the spiciness of the mutton. It was a warm, hearty meal­—ideal for winter. Come December, I know where I’m going to be. I also recommend it for anyone looking to clear their sinuses.

Note the vibrant, rich, red of the Mutton Kolhapuri

Note the vibrant, rich, red of the Mutton Kolhapuri


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